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#79 Tsimbazaza Lemur Park & Elder Chris

Week 79.3Well this week was incredible.  We have finally gotten back to teaching tons of lessons every day and man is it great to be back in Madagascar.  I love the people, their culture, their kindness, and the way that they see life.  Just to update you on a few people.  Vincent and Hanitra are doing great.  Vincent just got a confirm on a new job in the Military, so he will be working for the government by the end of this month.  Which also means that because he has a stable job he will be getting married the week after he starts working.  Hanitra is 8 1/2 months pregnant and will probably have her baby this week.  Their baptism is setup for March 3rd and we are shooting for that.  If you would keep them in your prayers, that would be great.  In Madagascar, you never know when some random problem could come up.

Week 79.9On Thursday evening as Elder Juchau and I exited our last lesson of the night, we received unexpected transfer news.  Elder Juchau is now working in Mahamasina and Elder Christensen became my new companion in Manakambahiny.  He got a nametag that says Elder Chris because no Malagasies can try and pronounce Christensen.  He’s a great guy.  He’s from Utah, but has lived in Saudi Arabia for 9 of his teenage years.  Really cool guy.

Week 79.4Today we went to the Tsimbazaza Lemur Park and as we were rounding the corner heading towards the lemur exhibits, a zookeeper came around the corner, saw us and then motioned for us to come quickly over.  He took us through the back door and told us to sit down, then he opened the lemur cage from the back and the lemurs started jumping all over us!  He grabbed some honey and then started putting it all over our faces and they started licking us.  It was so awesome!  Kinda like puppies, except with softer fur and weirdly cool hands.  He whispered in a quiet fashion and told us we couldn’t stay too long because they would get in trouble if their leader saw them.  In change of his great deed, we gave him some money and then hopped out of the exhibit.  Nice guy.  I’ll send a video next week of me, but the power has gone out twice since we’ve been here and we are out of time.

Week 79.8Love you all so much, have a great week!  —

Elder Jacob Stromberg

Antananarivo, Madagascar Mission

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


MOM:  Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is how you get diseases….feeding lemurs from your own  mouth!  Also, he has his official release date of July 18th.  I don’t know if that includes the 2 days to travel home.  Time is passing a little too fast….Week 79.1

Week 79.2



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