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#52 Trip to Mud Town & Year Mark

Week 52.3This week was incredible!  Last Thursday I hit my 365th day on my mission which adds up to a year!  It was a very quick year and I wouldn’t change it for any other year.  I’ll explain the details in how we celebrated this stepping stone in my mission later in the email, but there is a great story that I think you would like to hear about first.

So, there is a part in our area that we go to every Saturday that is literally a jungle.  When my camera arrives we will send a fun and intense video.  However we were crossing some rice patties, it wasn’t absolutely necessary to cut through on these patties, but it was to save some times.  Well, I was leading the trail at this particular point of the crossing and we were somewhat running.  A few days earlier, it had been raining very lightly and made some of the mud walk paths become a little bit more mushy.  In the midst of our run, I came to a  crossroad and, with my legs going faster than my mind could think about the path ahead, there appeared the be no path.  In the midst of my sprinting panic, I hopped on top of what seemed to be a secure hand-sized rock, only to be deceived and shooting my right foot 2 feet deep into the mud and the edge of the swampy rice patty. As I struggled to find a quick and available foot hold for my left foot that followed almost seconds after, I lost my balance and planted my hand on a secure branch.  All in all, I fell in a rice patty and later had to wash it off at this water pump that is used by the local dwellers.  Two girls thought it was so funny and couldn’t stop laughing.  I became, what my father calls, the village idiot.  I felt so embarrassed because at least 30+ people saw the plunge.

So, we had another incredibly productive week and had two splits.  One with our District Leader and another with the Assistants to the Mission President.  It was great and we had 9 people at church.  Sorry for the small letter, but I spent a little too much time on the story about my ‘trip’ to mudtown.Week 52.6

I hit my year mark this past Thursday and we are heading out the door to have our little year mark dinner and celebration with some of the other missionaries that were in my group.  Have a great week!  Love you tons!  I will include more about the spiritual experiences next week, but I forgot my journal!Week 52.1Week 52.8


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