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#48 Making Bricks, English Lesson and Delivering a Baby

Week 48.1
I’m holding a baby ondry (lamb)

So this week was a little bit different than others.  On Wednesday I had one of the craziest days of my entire mission.  In the morning, we went to help one of our investigators build some bricks for his house in an act of service.  It was really fun and got really dirty.  Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures because neither of us had a camera.  We spent about 2 hours hauling mud, making bricks, and stacking bricks.  It was really fun.  The investigator is Ibrahim and he is really great and we are working on getting him and his family to church this next week.

On Wednesday as well, I taught my first lesson in English.  There is a German woman named Maike and she lives with the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency and she is within our ward boundaries.  She’s studying here in Madagascar to finish up her PhD in ecology, if I’m not mistaken.  The lesson went very well and she’s been to church for the past two weeks.  Without us bringing it up, she said that if she found out that our message was true, she would be baptized.  It was great and She’s a really nice lesson.  However, it was really difficult to teach in English.  I couldn’t find some of the words that I wanted to say without accidentally saying it in Malagasy first.  It was difficult, but a very good growing experience.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing a baptism of a white person in the next month or so.  She has already read the entire first pamphlet and is in the process of working to receive an answer to her prayers.  We have our second lesson with her this Wednesday and I hope for the best!

Sorry this email is short, we don’t have a lot of time and it is difficult to focus because we are emailing and there are a lot of missionaries around.  Have a great week, Happy 4th of July!   I think he’s a little late here 😊

This is an excerpt from a private letter to us.  He wasn’t sure that he should include this experience in his general letter, but I was totally shocked and kept giggling, so I think I will share it.  You never know what will happen on a mission…. 

So, on Wednesday, Elder Soper and I were heading over to a referral for a lesson.  We were going to meet at one of our members house who is a doctor (a Malagasy doctor).  Anyways we got there and went into the house to immediately see a woman in labor beginning to deliver a baby.  We quickly got out of the room and waited outside in the courtyard, because we decided we shouldn’t be in there.  In Malagasy, one of the guys came out of the room and asked if either of us knew how to deliver a baby and Elder Soper did have a fair amount of knowledge.  Trying to stay within our boundaries even though we didn’t know the limit in a particular situation as this, Elder Soper directed the helpers to deliver the baby.  He helped them cinch the umbilical cord and administer the anesthesia.  I was just standing there in awe and out of the way because I didn’t know what to do.  It was a pretty eye-opening experience and it is very hard to describe.  For the lack of better words, I was very uncomfortable in that situation.  It’s a good thing that Elder Soper knew what to do.  Both the mother and the baby are healthy and everything is great.  It was truly a ‘first’ for me.


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