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#46 Transfers, Lunch with the First Lady, and Independence Day in Mada

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Me & Alfred with wife Selesy – one of my favorite investigators

So, this week was great and pretty sad.  Saturday morning during our personal study we received a call from the APs and received transfer news.  I’m going to Manakambahiny in an area on the opposite side of the capital.  I’m really excited to go and my new companion will be Elder Soper.  Transfer news really came out of no where because this transfer doesn’t end until July 3rd, next Monday.  However, there were 9 missionaries that are going home this Friday, so they had to start transfers early to accommodate the sudden change of missionaries and start moving people around.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The ward missionaries & my buddies

I loved my time in the Ambohibao ward and it was hard to wish them farewell.  It was especially difficult to say goodbye to some of my favorite members and investigators whom I have come to love over the past 4.5 months.  Missionary work is just incredible and I love sharing the thing that has brought so much happiness into my life–the gospel.  Elder Modisakeng, my trainee, is going to receive his new companion tomorrow evening and I will be going to my new area almost three hours away.  It’s going to be great and I’m very excited.

KODAK Digital Still CameraThis last Thursday after district meeting, we went to a soiree with our district leader and his companion.  In their area, they were tracting and found this extremely nice house and decided to knock it.  To their alarm a really nice lady opened the door and let them in.  Which happens to be pretty uncommon in Madagascar because if people are rich, they are usually pretty prideful and don’t want anything to do with missionaries.  Anyways, that was a few weeks ago.  KODAK Digital Still CameraThey invited the District Leader and our companionship to eat lunch with them.  They are really nice and very humble people.  The wife was a mayor and the First Lady of Madagascar at one time and her husband was a major CEO of a telephone company here in Madagascar.  All three of their boys live in Europe and they as a couple are enjoying their days in retirement.  One of the most incredible things that was in their house was a medium grand piano.  It is the only one in Madagascar that I’ve ever seen and I played a little bit.  It was really nice to touch such a beautiful instrument.  The food was great and we discussed a little bit about religion.  It was very nice and casual.  Very nice and humble people.

KODAK Digital Still CameraToday is June 26th which is the ‘Feti-pirenena’ which translates to ‘Independance Day.’  As I’ve mentioned before in previous email, Malagasies love to party and don’t stop.  As such, President Foote put a curfew for missionaries starting on Saturday through tomorrow night that missionaries have to be in their houses before 6pm.  It’s pretty sad because our programs that we had planned with people in the evenings of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, were pushed back.  However, we received permission from the APs and went with the Ambohimanarina Elders to hike up a little mountain and sit on some rocks to watch the fireworks.  Yesterday were most of the big fireworks, the day before the actually independance day.  It’s been great.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Fr. Dieu Donne’s family & Fr. Fetra’s

Today as missionaries we are going to be playing soccer at this really nice grass field against the Tana 1st Ward.  Then Elder Modisakeng and I will have a nice time relaxing at our house reading scriptures or doing other missionary stuff.

Madagascar is great and I love every part about it!  Have a great week and be safe!

EXTRA INFO:  He didn’t put this in the public email, but Jacob will be a Zone Leader in his next area.  He has not been a District Leader yet, so he is quite humbled.

Below are photos taken from Sister Foote’s Instagram.P-Day Soccer

Week 46.10Week 46.9

New Antanarivo District Presidency
New Antananarivo District Presidency

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