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#45 No Baptism :( , Volleyball, and Modi’s 19th B-Day

Modi turns 19
Elder Modi turns 19

This week was full of plenty of ups and downs.  To start off, we didn’t have a baptism on Saturday.  The reason being that Alfred‘s wife has been very sick and on Thursday, she was the sickest she’s ever been.  We visited him on Friday and we asked him about his thoughts on the baptism tomorrow and he felt very excited and ready.  He really is the most converted person I’ve ever taught.  For example, last week we gave him the Malagasy Liahona General Conference magazine from the October 2016 and he had read from pg 1 – 108 in just a few days.  He is in Alma in his Book of Mormon reading and is just a superstar.  He came to the baptism an hour early to have an interview with the 1st counselor Fr. Jean de Dieu, and expressed his concern.  He couldn’t focus at the baptism because and was worrying about his wife the whole time, considering that no one at the house knows how to take care of his wife and her needs.  The conclusion was that it would be better to postpone the baptism until his wife is a little bit better.  At the end of the interview, his eyes began to swell up with tears because he wants to get baptized.  He has amazing faith and during his prayers, he constantly asks that a way will be provided for him to get baptized.  Sad day, but the decision was for the best.

Week 45.6Today we had a zone activity and played volleyball at our church with our bishop.  After 5 games of intense volleyball with 8 people, we switched over to soccer, and then a little bit later 8 more missionaries showed up.  We played more than 3 hours of soccer and volleyball and I am really tired.  It was really fun and a great time to spend with our bishop and other missionaries in some wholesome recreational activities.  I’ve slowly been getting a hold of volleyball and how to spike better, it’s a trial and error kind of thing.  It was a great turn out for missionaries and was such a fun activity.

Week 45.2Today is Elder Modisakeng’s 19th birthday.  We went and ate some delicious lunch and then as we were heading to the taxibe stop we egged and floured Elder Modisakeng.  All 8 of us remaining got him pretty good.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Malagasy culture, it is tradition that on your birthday you get crushed with a bunch of eggs on the head and then doused with flour.  Let me play this out to you in a play by play scenario.  First, Elder Nolan went to say a good bye handshake as we began to split and go back to our homes, in his hand he held an egg and they crushed it when they shook hands.  Week 45.4Elder Modisakeng looked at his hand and saw the remains of an egg and things quickly began to piece together in his mind.  Almost before he could move, eggs were being crushed all over his head and he began to run.  I finished him off with a kilo of flour all over him.  Don’t worry, he was completely ok with it after we got him dirty, and we were just a two minute walk away from our house and his shower.  So he was only a little embarrassed as we walked home and prepared him for the shower.  He’s all clean now and it was really fun.  He was really surprised and we were able to plan it without him knowing.  What a great way it was to introduce him to Malagasy tradition right in training!  He’s now the ripe age of 19 and a big boy.  I love him a lot and he is an incredible missionary.

Sorry this email isn’t very long, I’ve gotta send a great email to my father because of La Fete Du Pere.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!Week 45.5


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