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#42 Anarana Namana, Surprising Sacrament Meeting, and State Champs

So this week was great.  Our area is continuing to progress and we’ve been receiving an extraordinary amount of referrals from members.  ‘Anarana namana’ means the name of a friend.  There is no direct translation in Malagasy that expresses the word referral so that is the best we can get.  Anyways, last Monday we were at a family home evening with the first counselor Jean de Dieu and he had brought a mom and her daughter to join with us.  When we showed up they were already there.  We taught them a great lesson about unlocking the power of the atonement through faith and prayer and it opened their hearts.  We explained a few of the things as we went a long to the new family Corrine (mother) and her daughter.  After a wonderful evening we walked about 10 minutes to their house and met the father.  He had just gotten home from work and we set up a return appointment for us to teach them.  They are very kind and ready for the gospel.  We teach them tomorrow.

In our sacrament meeting yesterday something out of the ordinary happened.  At about 8:55, Elder Modisakeng and I are standing outside of the chapel waiting for the last few people to come into the building.  As we were standing, one of the member said to me “Eto ny rainao” which means ‘your dad is here.’  I was confused at first, then I saw a white person start walking towards the church.  Then appeared behind him President Foote.  They first went to a nearby branch prior.  Before they entered, the Seventy felt impressed to not go to that branch, but that the Lord needed him to come to our ward.  What a true blessing.  The seventy presided and it was a great meeting.  We ended up with 123 people attending sacrament meeting in all with 10 of those our investigators.  There was a post-missionary that translated for the Seventy when he spoke, Elder Modisakeng sat with some of our investigators, and I sat in the back and translated for President Foote.  I felt confident in my Malagasy, however, this circumstance was a humbling experience.  It is a lot easier to go from English to Malagasy, but not necessarily the other way around.  People who have learned another language understand this clearly.  Anyways, they stayed for all of church and then President took the Seventy to his flight back to South Africa.  It was a great blessing to hear from them.  One thing he said in his talk while referring to sport and our spiritual growth: “There are two kinds of players: The first tries to just be better than the others, and the second tries to become better than himself. The second will grow even after he succeeds his competitor because he is humble and working on self-improvement.”  Which type of player are you?

In final, some of you already know, but Layton High won the 5A Boys Soccer Championship for Utah.  Big congratulations for them.  I remember playing just last year and the guys that I played with that were younger, were definitely strong.  Shout out to my boy Sammy for blocking the 4th penalty shot.  I’ve never been so trunky than seeing the pictures.  Love you boys, congratulations, and keep up the good work.

Items requested for package: 12 Razor Blades the Gillette Fusion + Camera if you are going to Costco see if you can exchange it for the orange, but if not don’t worry about it 🙂 + Trolli Sour Gummy Worms + Letters from you guys + Deodorant Preferably: Degree Cold Rush.  Send a 4 pack + Clinpro Toothpaste, two tubes if you don’t mind. + A crisp $1 USD bill because I want to smell america and see it.  People often ask about American money and I want to show them. + Maybe a book of postcards with different pictures of Jesus in it.  Elder Shoemaker got one in a package from his mom.  They are great to give away.  The one he had had about 30 pictures.  You could probably find it at Deseret Book. + The Testaments DVD


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