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#41 Our Incredible Investigators, Reworking the Area, Victory, and Lost Camera

KODAK Digital Still CameraOur investigators this week pulled their end of the weight.  We had 10 investigators at church.  Alfred, came for the first time and really enjoyed it he said that we will be seeing him there for the next weeks and included the words ‘endure to the end.’  Along with him we had Tolotra, Filbert and his family, and Fahasoavana.  It was a great turn out.  All of those are on baptismal dates and progressing well.  They’ve been growing very well and are always being spiritually fed according to their desires.

This week has been better. For our area we’ve been trying to figure out ways to increase people in our teaching pool. We’ve created a plan to work better with members and finding friends for our current investigators. The area book has been a great tool as well and we have plans to re-contact investigators from a year or so ago. We’ll see how it all turns out this week, but it sounds like we are going to be meeting a lot of new faces. We have a baptism coming up in a few weeks and hopefully with have a fruitful number. We’ve been working a lot with less-actives because we don’t have very good church attendance, but this past week we experienced one of the highest since I’ve been here, 121 persons. The ward is continuing to grow and the members are being even more helpful.

Elder Modisakeng is doing better. I’ve been trying to give him a lot more opportunities to speak the language and lead the lessons. We’ve been working together to help him even when we aren’t in lessons. Our member helps are also being a great advantage for him to learn the language. It’s been great, even my own work improves just by watching the district videos, reviewing PMG, and using the scriptures. I don’t have anything to complain about because he’s a very obedient, diligent, hard worker. We’ve been working together better.

KODAK Digital Still CameraToday the missionaries played against the Tana 1st Ward and the result was much more than expected.  At half time we were leading them by 2-0 and feeling somewhat comfortable, but not yet satisfied.  We ended up destroying them 5-2.  It was great and we ended off well.  Since, two weeks ago we lost to them in PKs, this was a very great success for us.

KODAK Digital Still CameraLast week at the cyber we were hustling to email and get out because it was about time for us to go to our Soiree.  In spite of the rush, I left my camera at the cyber, and as assumed, it was stolen.  I noticed it was gone around Wednesday and went to the cyber that we are at right now and it was gone.  So, it really sucks.  I’ve looked everywhere, prayed fervently, and haven’t found it.

I love this mission, Madagascar is the greatest place in the world.  Have a great week everyone and stay safe!

Excerpt from a letter to his dad: Thank you for sharing with me that section in your patriarchal blessing.  They really are wonderful and truly guide our lives no matter what stage we are in. Those are great goals and if you can keep them, it will be of great benefit for your spiritual protection within and outside the house.  For the goals that I have set:

1)  Start personal study a half hour early to get an hour and a half personal study to grow more spiritually.  2)  Strengthen the Christlike attributes patience and charity.  3)  Being more time efficient.  4)  Serving my companion and other missionaries daily.

Thank you for your patriarchal guidance for your son and the rest of your family.  I’m grateful to have a worthy, strong, faithful, priesthood holder to help and guide me in my personal growth and in my ability to help others.

Madagascar has 12,000 members and grows by about 800 per year.  We’ll see when it gets a temple, but the goal is in the next decade.  Enjoy the temple for me.  That is one of the things that I miss most on my mission.  I am always praying for your well being and spiritual protection constantly. 


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