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#39 Tracting, Filbert & Mariah, and Mody

Week 39.1
L-R: Elders Stromberg, Shai, Modisakeng & Passey

Dearest beloved ones,  This week was wonderful in the beautiful countryside of Madagascar.  Besides the planes that are constantly taking off and landing right next to us at the airport and making us trunky, it’s great.  This week was spent with a lot of tracting, and strengthening our investigators.

On Wednesday I went on a split with my district leader and that happened to be a day in which we didn’t really have a program.  We tracted for about 6 hours and only got in to one lesson.  It was an off day, but the family that we found is really great.  Smart, young, and very humble.  We’ve taught them two lessons since then and they have read the restoration pamphlet and remembered the lesson when we came back on Sunday.  They couldn’t come to church because the husband, Donne, was sick, and the wife, Nirena was taking care of him.  We’ll see how they turn out, they are really kind and from an ocean province called Toliara.  Also, their accent is really cool.

So, Filbert and Mariah are a miracle family.  Filbert has been looking for work and found some in a province about 3 hours south of the capital. So because of his devotion and conversion, he wakes up at 4 am on Monday morning to catch a 4-5 hour bus to Antsirabe, works Monday through Saturday evening and gets home late Saturday night.  He does all of this so that he can take his family to church every Sunday.  They arrive 30 minutes before sacrament meeting and I love sitting next to them and their 7 kids.  On Sunday evening we teach them about a two hour lesson because we can’t get to them during the week because of Filbert’s work.  The mom takes care of all the kids during the week with some help of Ismael their 14 year old boy.  At nights she reads the pamphlets to help prepare her and he kids for baptism.  The father also is already in Alma in his Book of Mormon reading and also uses manual side-by-side when he studies.  They will be getting baptized on June 3rd, and are doing incredible.  The are working on getting married legally.

Mody is Elder Modisakeng’s nickname, and he’s the best.  Really, he’s a super hard worker, diligent, and obedient in all ways of the work and has definitely taught me to be exactly obedient even in the smallest rules.  He’s become a lot better in the language this week and I can see his progression.  He’s been teaching a lot of restoration lessons and becoming a super stud and creating good relationships with our investigators.  Also today, we played against the Malagasies in soccer and Mody scored the very first goal and it was a sweet volley.  He did an impressive ‘dab’ celebration to put the candle on top of the cake.

Madagascar continues to be a paradise for life and the missionary work of the Lord.  We are both healthy and staying strong.  Have a great week, love you all from the different places of the world that you are in.


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