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#38 Malagasies Like to Party

Week 38.4If you want short, here it is.  So, Malagasies take any chance they can to party.  Today is the 1st of May and everyone decides to take a day off and everything is closed.  Our member owns a cyber and we have limited time because we have a lesson in just a few minutes.

Week 38.2Elder Modisakeng is such a stud and excelling at the language.  We went on a member split last night and caught two appointments at the same time and as a result, he led the lesson.  That’s pretty impressive after just a few weeks in the field, especially in a different language.  Madagascar is great, I continue to see miracles.  It’s getting a lot colder and thus the sweater in my pictures.  We have a lot of progressing investigators that are hopefully going to be baptized in May and June.

Have a great week everyone, we are heading out the door.

Note: Jake wrote us while we were in the airport preparing to leave for London & Paris.  He went back and forth with Becca to arrange skyping next week on Mother’s Day.Week 38.1


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