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#37 Soccer @ Ankorondrano, New House and Working Out New Ideas

Week 37.3Dear all loved ones and family that receive this email,

I hope you are all safe, enjoying your families, and enriching yourselves in the gospel that brings happiness.  This week wasn’t too interesting.  I’m going to answer some questions from my parents this week and maybe you might like them.  If you’ve read Elder Rhoton’s emails, it is similar to him.

Just wondering how you feel your language is coming along?    The language is coming well and I keep learning new things daily.  I am very comfortable talking to everyone in almost every circumstance.  There are still a lot of things that I don’t know, but I get around very well.

How has it been training so far?    Training has been great, it’s very fun bringing a new missionary into the field.  Especially one as ready to work, obedient, and spiritual as Elder Modisakeng.  The food has been agreeing with me very well.

It seems like your health has been pretty good, but has the food been agreeing with you?     I haven’t had any problems with the floodgates thus far on my mission, it’s been great!

What religious affiliation are most of the people you are teaching?    Honestly, the affiliations of those we teach are very widespread.  However, usually Protestant,  Catholic, ‘regular Christians’, Lutherans, and sometimes the occasional Pentecosts, Adventists, and the Apocalypsy.  But, for the most part is is Protestants, Lutherans, and Catholics.

Not too many experiences happened this week, we worked when we could and studied when we weren’t.  On Friday morning we moved our houses and prepared the previous day on Thursday.  Our new house is super nice, it has air conditioning.  I say that because there are hardly any houses in the mission that have AC and it’s super nice.  It’s a two-man house, has a very nice kitchen and a great view of our area.  Before the move, we had to take a 15 minute bus to get in to our area and then even longer to get to some teaching appointments.  Now it’s 10 minutes to get to anywhere in our area, unless they are in the countryside.  It’s been great, our refrigerator hasn’t been working so we are getting it fixed and haven’t been able to buy groceries yet and have been eating out at little Malagasy joints.

Week 37.2Today, we played soccer at Ankorondrano against Malagasies again and this time, we beat them 3-2.  It was 2-2 at the final whistle and we went into over time and Elder Bowen, our zone leader, had a volley, game winning goal.  It was insane.  We haven’t beaten the Malagasies in a while, and this was a nice recovery.  After that we went and got lunch and did interviews with President.  It was a great day and relaxing for the most part.

So, working out ideas has been our topic for the past two weeks.  We’ve been sort of re-working our area in order to organize it and meet our investigators as often as the can, and as often as we work in certain areas.  We still have a lot to do, but everything is going to be great.

Have a great week, Love you guys tons.  Be safe.  Follow all laws, temporal and spiritual, and enjoy the blessings. Madagascar is PARADISE!Week 37.1


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