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#36 Tratra ny Paska, Elder Modisakeng and Bazoli

Week 36.4
3 Generations: Elders Modisakeng (son/trainee) + Stromberg + Nelson (dad/trainer)

Greetings Vehivavy sy Lehilahy daholo.  This was a very intensely great week so hold on tight.  To begin, on Tuesday night the APs of the mission came and picked me up and took me to their house where all the trainers and trainees would be staying the night.  16 Elders in a house is a few too many with not enough mattresses.  Anyways, we got up Wednesday morning and went over to the mission bureau and ate a wonderful pancakes and eggs breakfast cheffed by myself, Elder Nelson, Elder Wilmot, and, as always, President and Sister Foote.  Sister Foote was the chief supervisor.  Week 36.3Unfortunately her employees weren’t as good.  However, they came out alright and I’m sure there was some divine intervention involved.  Anyways, we went down stairs, had a wonderful Trainers meeting and received our new companions.  I got ELDER MODISAKENG.  He is from South Africa, speaks five languages: Tswana, Sotho, Xhosa (Clicking language), Zulu, English, and soon to be Malagasy.  He is a convert of 3 years, his mother is a member, he is 18 years old, and is extremely good at soccer.  Basically everything I could dream of.  He is really cool, super ready to be engage in missionary service, powerful testimony and loves Christ.  Everything you need.  Anyways, this past week has been hard, it’s difficult training when you’ve only been in the field for 7 months, but it’s going great so far.

‘Tratra ny Paska’ HAPPY EASTER!  Easter was great, I cannot help but feel personal love for my Savior Jesus Christ who established his church, helped everyone he interacted with, atoned for the sins of humanity, completed that atoning sacrifice on ny hazo fijaliana (the cross) with 3 driven nails, and rose from his tomb 3 days later on the Sabbath day.  Through his atonement you and I can receive peace, happiness & a remission of our sins.  I love my savior and I know that he is the only gate in which we can enter and receive eternal life.  I am on a mission in Madagascar to share that knowledge that has brought so much joy to me and others.

Week 36.8On the Malagasy side of things.  Yesterday Madagascar was basically shut down because it was Easter Monday.  Hardly any cybers were open so we got permission to email today.  We went and attended a stake activity and ended up walking some 25 km (15 ½ miles) to get back from there.  It was a long walk.  But, the church rented out this complex and we played soccer, volleyball and had a great feast.  We played a game with missionaries against Malagasies.  It was very fun and nostalgic.  We lost 0-2, but it was a good game.  I played goalkeeper 2nd half and let in a goal, but had a bunch of saves, dad would be proud!  Anyways, the fety lasted all day and was a blast!

Week 36.6Finally, this story happened today.  So, we had been out of our area for a few weeks until I had gotten Elder Modisakeng.  Bazoli, is a cousin of one of the members that lives in Ambohisitra.  He showed us where she lives and we taught her today.  The father left, but the mother is Bazoli, she has a 10 year old boy named Alpha and an 8 year old girl named Omega.  It’s really funny, Malagasies name their kids weird things sometimes.  But, during the lesson I felt impressed to extend the baptism invitation.  I whispered to E. Modisakeng and he extended it for June 3rd!  They are very incredible and are definitely going to be baptized and are excited to learn from us!  I love you guys tons, have a great week.  Be safe!

Week 36.7
our group effort to kill a rat that had been eating all our food




Excerpts from personal letters:  My new comp is so cool mom.  He is an insanely humble man and really just a spiritual champion, like Ammon.  I imagine you have seen some of the pictures.  His name is Elder Modisakeng pronounced (Mow (like cutting grass) -dee-sa-ken).  We had a big fety (party) yesterday and a stake activity.  

To dad: Elder Modisakeng is the greatest of his group in my opinion.  He is a convert of 3 years, 18 years old, only had 1 month to prepare from the time he got his call to his time to enter the MTC, loves soccer played in high school and club and very good, very humble, not very talkative, but after being with me for a week, he’s become more talkative, very spiritual man, he and I are best friends, and he’s very good at the language. 

I saw the video about the Paris temple and it is absolutely beautiful and really French looking, like the gardens.  You guys must be so excited to go!  Anyways, it must be nice to finish up Jam’s new room, have a relaxing Easter weekend, going to Carter’s play, and playing with your drone, although you busted it.

What a wonderful, spiritual testification about the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.  The spirit speaks to us in meaningful personal ways, yours was peace and relaxation. Thank you for sharing that comforting experience.

We are finally back in my area and are skyrocketing our program.  We’ve received 3 referrals and contacted one today and they are incredible and are going to be baptized for sure.  There will be more on that in the big email.  We move into our new house on Thursday and going to get all settled in.  We are really excited for the move.  Thanks for all the prayers and support that you have given to me throughout my entire life.

Week 36.2
President and Sister Foote
Week 36.5
Elder Modisakeng & Elder Stromberg

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