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#33 English Fety, Tanala and Fetra & Lucas

English Class
Farewell Party for Elder Tshuma at English class

So, this week was great, a lot of running around from place to place, but was great.  Not too much happened this week, but what happened was fun.

Elder TschumaSo, Elder Tshuma has less than 10 days until he flies on that small plane to go back to Johannesburg.  In lieu of that, we threw a party for all the kids that we teach English to and it was awesome.  We made some juice, brought a bunch of biscuits and just partied.  We learned English for the first hour, then partied the second.  We didn’t listen to music because we can’t, so we played games and ate.  It was great.  Then, a bunch of the people brought up presents for Elder Tshuma and they were awesome!  There’s a picture below with him and all the gifts.  Teaching English class is so great, the kids are way fun and always love playing games.

Week 33.1Now, the tanalà (chameleon).  On our way to zone meeting in downtown Tana we were walking past some trees and I looked just to the side and saw this really camoflaged chameleon just chilling there.  It’s pretty common for them to be in plain sight, but it’s difficult to see them because of their camouflaging capabilities.  Anyways, we got a stick and fetched him, then he climbed on us and Elder Shoemaker and I got some pretty good pics.  I love those little guys, they are so cool and look pretty tropical.

Fetra & LucasNext, Fetra and Lucas are some of our helpers.  Fetra is a member help, a ward missionary, and is preparing to go on a mission this fall.  He is such a stud and teaches better than some missionaries.  He’s one of my good pals on mission and just such a stud bandy (punk::teenager).  Lucas has a baptismal date (although he has a lot of doubts and problems with his girlfriend) and won’t be baptized until June 20th.  He’s learned all the lessons and helps us teach other investigators too.

Also, Elder Wolfgramm and I went on a split Friday and he came and worked in my area.  One of our progressing investigators Tolotra, wasn’t there earlier in the day.  After our program was done, we thought we’d give him a call around 8 as we were heading home to see if he was there.  He answered and we asked if we could teach him and he was beyond excited.  As we arrived, he was so happy to see us.  His girlfriend was there and this was the first time we saw her.  She is really cool and we taught her a first.  It was incredible to see Tolotra during the lesson.  He is an investigator and could not hold back but teach her.  He went a little too fast sometimes, but the Spirit testified to her.  Elder WolfgrammHe taught her about the Book of Mormon and about Moroni before we had even taught her about Joseph Smith.  After we got around and explained everything she was so excited.  She loved our message and said that she will read the boky kely.  It was wonderful, Tolotra is going to be baptized on the 20th of May as long as he gets his work schedule figured out.

Filbert and his family came to church again this week and we extended a baptismal date to them for the 20th of May and they accepted and are currently preparing!  They are such a wonderful family and love coming to church.  Every lesson we have with them, I am reminded of the wonderful people of Madagascar, they are so humble and ready for the gospel.

This week was great, we are preparing for Elder Tshuma’s return and have a bunch of soire’s (dinner) with members every night this week.  It’s going to be a tasty week, and I’ll take pictures so that you can get a better understanding of Malagasy food.  I love Madagascar,  Ambohibao is such a great area with wonderful people.    Have a great week, be safe.

Week 33.6
He didn’t mention anything about this!

BONUS: Dialogue with Jake early in the morning:

Jake:  I have some news that might surprise you a little bit.  It’s just word that’s going around. 

Sean: Ok you have me on the hook,  seems more information.   🙂

Jake:  So, Elder Brown was AP for the past 9 months and he just got replaced and is finishing his mission in Ft. Dauphin.  Anyways, the APs work with transfers and help president move people around.  He told me that “He wouldn’t we surprised if I went to either La Reunion or Mauritius in about two transfers around my year mark.”  He said that I’ve been put up on the board to get transferred there and taken off a few times.  So that’s kind of some of the news.  i MIGHT be learning french and be going french speaking.  This is not for certain, it is what Elder Brown and Elder Hunter told me.  Don’t freak out.

Sean:  That is cool and interesting.  Don’t you freak out our dwell on it to much.   🙂  The Lords timing and plans always work out even if you stay in Madagascar.  Trust Him.  Get your Malagasy down well.

Jake:  So there are 55 missionaries in Madagascar, and like 20 in Reunion and Mauritius.  They are called as a Special Placement withing the Madagascar Mission.  It says that they will serve in Reunion and Mauritius in the mission.  I don’t really want to leave Madagascar.  I love the people.  If I do leave however, I hope I go to Mauritius because the work goes similarly and it isn’t very first world.  It’s like 2nd world.  I honestly love 3rd world, the people are so humble for the most part.


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