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#32 Manamboatra Trano, Mpanavotra & Tshuma is a Kisoa (pig)

Week 32.1So, this week was another great one.  Madagascar is great, the food is delicious, and the people are the best.  First off, we’ll hit some of the highlights.

On Tuesday, our zone leaders got sick so, Elder Tshuma, Elder Shoemaker, Elder Passy, and I went to go help some members build their house.  It was really hard work, especially hauling cement bags (50kgs), rocks, and sand, then mixing it all together and hauling it to help them build their house.  Week 32.4It was really fun, but tough work.  After working, they gave us some really delicious food.  It was a great vegetable loka with beef and a ton rice as always.  It’s always fun helping members doing stuff you might never do anywhere else.

This morning, Elder Shoemaker and I went shopping for some bags and some fabric to make a suit.  During our adventure, we were trying to find a shirt that I’ve been looking for and I showed a picture of it to a mpanavotra (seller or merchant).  He told us that he knows where I can get one, but he would go and get it for me because if I tried to buy the shirt, it would be expensive because I am white.  He is Malagasy, so it would be cheaper.  Anyways, he told me that I had to take his place while he went to fetch the shirt and sell in his stead.  It was so funny.  Never had Malagasies seen a white dude selling womens clothing along with other Malagasies, it was a sight for everyone passing by.  Elder Shoemaker and I were pretty good at selling these shirts.  We sold 4 shirts in like 30 minutes, and they were really surprised at how Malagasy we sounded.  It was hilarious.

Week 32.3Yesterday after church our bishop had us over for lunch because it was his wife’s birthday, along with the primary.  While we were eating, Elder Tshuma found a pig tooth in his food and put it in his mouth.  The members died and it was pretty funny because he put it in when no one was looking and it just shocked everyone.  He is Tshuma the Kisoa (pig).  The members are so great here and so faithful in their callings.  I love Madagascar and the people here.  Also, some of our new investigators Filbert, his family, and Ledah, came to church today.  They are both very diligent and solid investigators.  Filbert is insanely smart and asked us for a Book of Mormon manual to help him study better.  Their families will definitely get baptized.  I love the area and my companion, he’s such a stud.  3 weeks until he goes home and time is flying quickly for him.

Have a great week everyone, enjoy the spring weather!


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