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#29 TRANSFER to the Capital and Elder Palmer of the Seventy

Week 29.1
Uncanny resemblance of Elder Stromberg & Elder Wilson

After the long 7 hour drive yesterday into Tana, Elder Bennet, Chounlamany, and I were taken to the mission home.  Then, Sister Foote invited us in and fed us and we ate dinner with a member of the Seventy.  It was just us four elders, Elder Palmer (The Seventy), and President and Sister Foote.  It was a wonderful night and full of plenty spiritual missionary experiences.  Elder Palmer and I had some wonderful time to talk and he is an incredible man of God.  He was talking to us and he is going to be speaking in the MTC in a few weeks, and then in General Conference the following Sunday.  He is from New Zealand and is a Seventy in South Africa.  What a great privilege it was to eat and talk with him about missionary work and the incredible experiences he and President Foote have seen.  He is going to be speaking in the Sunday Afternoon session and is very excited.  He’s a very calm and happy man, what a great experience it was!

Week 29.2Leaving Tamatave was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I left so much there.  There was a massive set of miracles that happened yesterday.  I found out I was going to Tana on Sunday and that church was going to be the last time I would see some of my investigators.  So, I asked our investigators (especially the ones that probably weren’t going to come) to come because it would be our last time to see each other.  Nirina, Modeste’s wife came to church for the first time after teaching them for 2 months.  SHE IS GREAT!  I’ve seen a great change in heart from her and I think that she will be baptized in the near future.  Then these fairly new investigators Juzella, the 35 year old daughter of her father Seta Pierra both came to church!  We’ve been teaching them for about 2 weeks and they are absolutely incredible.  Two of the greatest and nicest people I have ever seen.  Also, another investigator Mark came to church because he also found out that it was my last sunday here.  He has a calling in the Catholic church and was able to come to just Sacrament meeting.  We’ve also been teaching him for about two months, and he’s a really great, faithful man, but he is too committed to his Catholic calling.  He’s great and it was great to see him.

So, the new area I am in is Ambohibao, Antananarivo.  I am going there and ‘killing’ Elder Chuma.  Killing basically means that I am going to be serving with Elder Chuma for his last transfer and then he is heading home with a mission well done.  I don’t get to my new area until tomorrow night, but I am super excited!

This week has been very great and it’s been a necessary, but sad change.  I really loved Ambolomadinika, it was incredible how the members worked with us, my companion Elder Wilson, and the great investigators in the area.

Also, my package arrived at the office this morning.  This package was sent the 01/25/17 and received here 02/27/17.  About one month exactly from home to the mission office!  Thanks for the package!  I’m very excited for the Melatonin, candies, THE RUBIKS CUBES!  THEY ARE SO GREAT!  WHERE DID YOU GET THEM ALL?  They are so cool, I’m so thankful for you sending that, as well as the scripture markers.  The French dictionary will definitely come in handy and that was the fruit of the package.  Thanks a lot mom, that was a great package!  I haven’t been able to take a look at everything, but I think I saw some letters in there.  I hope mom’s surgery goes well and that everything is smooth.  Have a great week, you are in my prayers.  I love you tons!

We first learned of the transfer after we received the below email from his companion:

This is Elder Wilson,   I hope you don’t mind that I email you. I just wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoyed these last two transfers with Elder Stromberg. He is a wonderful missionary and a great friend and it was definitely hard saying goodbye to him on Sunday. I have learnt a lot from your son through his example and positive attitude towards life and it’s challenges. I remember asking him one day “How can you be so happy all the time?” His reply was simply “Why not be happy everyday?”.

We talked about our families a lot so I have heard quite a bit about you guys. From what I have heard you guys are awesome, and it’s no wonder why Elder Stromberg is the missionary he is today. I won’t keep you guys long I am sure you have a bunch of other things you have to do today. I just wanted to thanks you guys for allowing your son to serve a mission and giving me that opportunity to be his companion for the three short months that we were together.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a great week ahead.  ~  Elder Wilson


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