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#27 Jacky, Paintings & Chocolatier

Jacky & Ursula + Marie Ange & her kidsMy companion Elder Wilson is now 100% healthy and just a trooper!  Anyways, this week was absolutely wonderful and full of many incredible spiritual moments as well as some fun attached… as there always is.  To start off, church yesterday was incredible.  One of our recent converts Jacky, the father, blessed the sacrament.  He’s been a member for all of five weeks and he had the wonderful opportunity to use his priesthood for the first time to bless the emblems of the sacrament.  It didn’t hit me until after the meeting that his power gave all 80 of us in the congregation a remission of our sins and renewing of our baptismal covenants.  It took him a few times to get it right, but that didn’t hurt him, because when he finally did get it perfect he looked up with the greatest most widest grin from anyone that has ever blessed the water.  What a sweet moment it was to watch one of your recent converts actively using his priesthood to bless the lives of many others.  Also, another one of our less active/recent converts Dylan, passed the sacrament.  He’s 14 and him along with his family of four, have been less active for a little less than 8 months.  We’ve finally got them coming to church and are teaching them regularly with members and I can LITERALLY see the light of Christ emanating from them.

Aside from these two sacramental experiences, Ialy and Sylvain, both recently baptized received the Aaronic priesthood and are happier than ever.  I love watching the church grow in converts, as well as priesthood power.  I remember when I first got to Ambolomadinika, we had about 40-50 regular attendance at church during the first transfer.  As we’ve sought the outpouring help of our members, we’ve reactivated members, converted more, and found tons.  We are now about 80-85 members in our branch every Sunday!  I cannot tell you how great it is to come to church every Sunday, I love it.

Masterpieces of Mpanao SaryOnto the second part of my heading.  A few weeks ago, I was at this really cool Malagasy mall which basically consists off a bunch of cool little trinkets, real touristy.  Anyways, you can buys some really cool paintings, and I talked to this lady and got the phone number of this artist.  I asked him to do two paintings for me and he said he would willingly do it.  Today, I picked them up and they are SO INCREDIBLE.  I got one about the Sorompanavotan’i Jesoa Kristy and Captain Moroni burying the gold plates.  They turned out super well and weren’t all that expensive, about 40,000 ariary, and worth every cent.

week-27-4On the way to the Bazare Be (Malagasy Mall), we stopped by this really nice chocolatier place.  They have all their chocolate made right in the shop, made from cocoa just a few miles away.  I cannot tell you how delicious it was!  Because the chocolate was so gourmet, I felt like I was teleported into a first-world country.  It was so nice, but somehow I felt out of place.  I just love Madagascar so much, it is becoming part of me.  Also, we played a little bit of soccer this morning with one of our less-active members Jocelin.  He’s very skilled at soccer and just an overall stud, he also came to church yesterday and he hasn’t been in about 3 months.  He’s slowly changing and I think he will start doing a lot better and will continue to enjoy the blessings of the gospel.

Soccer with JocelinI love Madagascar, my investigators, recent converts, members, Elder Wilson, and just everything about Ambolomadinika, Tamatave.  The transfer is 2 weeks from today and I’m not very excited because there is a high chance that I will be leaving.  Ho hitantsika (we’ll see).  Have a great week!


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