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#25 No Internet?!

We received an email earlier this week from a missionary who just returned home from Jake’s mission.  She said that a giant communication cable in the Indian Ocean, which provides all the internet & phone services for the entire country of Madagascar, was significantly damaged.  We are not to expect communication for a few weeks from our missionaries.

Well, miracles happen and Jake found a place to contact us J.  He didn’t share much because of the terrible connection, but here you go…~Melissa

PS  I didn’t change any of his grammar this time – it’s kind of fun to see his English suffer.

The Wooleys
President & Sister Foote & The Wooleys

On Jan 30, 2017, at 12:44 AM, Jacob Sean Stromberg <> wrote:

So, you might be wondering why you received an email from me.  There is one cyber in Toamasina, that is one of the last cybers in Madagascar that has internet.  They have their own massive dish in the back and receive the internet directly from the satellites.  They use that combined with the fibre cables and it’s really fast.  But, they only have the satellite power and it’s pretty slow.  I’m using gmail in the basic HTML mode, it’s ancient.

I’m glad that you continue learning during church, I’ve had to play the piano for the past two weeks in sacrament meeting, it’s been pretty rough.  I haven’t been a diligent as I should with my daily journal, but I’ve kept a study journal and written in it everyday for the past month and a half during personal study time.  I’ve disected my patriarchal blessing which is absolutely incredible.   The two paragraphs about my mission are mind-bogglingly great.

It sounds like you week was great and that the highlight of the week was going up to Rhoton’s cabin!  That’s so great.  I’m glad you had the wonderful opportunity of enjoying the beautiful snow with our other family, the Rhotons.  Everything I’ve been reading makes me want to be there so bad!  I miss hot chocolate and enjoying the snow with everyone.  Utah really is the most beautiful place in the entire world.  I definitely want to live there with my wife and kids.

I’m glad to hear that you guys are all still doing the CERT and HAM radio classes, I wish I did those when I was at home.  Also, how did the truck do in the snow?  Was it great and nice to have?  I have been working on feeling the spirit and following it’s prompting especially while planning and teaching investigators.  We have this guy Sylvain who’s a single man and he’s going to get baptized this weekend on Fevrier 4th.  It is going to be wonderful and I can’t wait.  We’ve been really working with and teaching our recent converts to maintain retention and to keep them growing their testimonies.  We teach all of our recent converts about twice and week and two of those families have referrals that we teach them with.  It’s great to see them help their friends and family join the church and they are starting early at sharing the gospel to others.

This week was great, I love you tons!  I hope you have a great week as well and enjoy all the work your will be having because being busy is a blessing!  I too pray that we will have a great week and find more families to teach because it is so great.  I love the work and I love Madagascar!

Love, Elder Stromberg


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