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#24 Ialy sy Noro, Monsoon Season & Chicken Slayer

week-24-1This week was spectacular! Although it was pretty stressful, we had a baptism. It’s difficult making sure that a lot of members show up (so that the new members feel supported and get fellowshipped into the ward), making the program, and everything. Also, it was just our branch so there was a lot of preparation on our end in order to make it a successful baptism. And it was! We had about 45 members and 5 investigators show up to the baptisms, all the clothes were there and everything started on time. It was abosultely wonderful and so spiritual. Here’s a little bit about them, Ialy was the father and he’s a professional martial artist, and his wife Noro is a working mom who’s so awesome. They have their two kids Francky, who’s training in karate-do and just an overall stud at 11 years old, and Iris who’s the cutest little 9 year old girl. They were street-contacted by missionaries about 9 months ago and have some of the strongest testimonies. This is just a testimony to me of the work that we are doing as missionaries. It’s so beautiful to see the outpouring of miracles daily with people you love.  I’ve been teaching them for about 5 months and they are one of my favorite families right next to Jacky and Ursula.

week-24-3Friday was their wedding and Saturday was their baptism.  We did the whole wedding thing and it was so great.  Here’s a great story.  Ialy and Noro aren’t very wealthy and are some of the lower-class Malagasies.  They purchased a chicken for their wedding, and when we got back to their house, Elder Wilson and I, along with Noro’s brother, killed, cleaned and prepared the chicken to be cooked.  I am going to be completely honest and say that that experience was one of the craziest I’ve ever had.  I almost became vegetarian, but, I learned so much about how to prepare animals, and how to prepare my own chicken.  Anyways, it was a very gruesome and intense experience.  Definitely one of my ‘firsts’ in my life.

Elder Wilson and I are going splendid and have grown even closer together as we’ve experienced powerful feelings of the Holy Ghost in lessons. We are doing very well and nothing is going too bad.  Elder Wilson’s birthday is on the the 6th of February and we, as a house, are trying to figure out something awesome to surprise him with.  If you have any ideas, send them in!

week-24-4Other than that, monsoon season has hit and we are getting poured on every day with rain.  Not always while we are working, but every night it pounds on our roof while we are planning or sleeping.  Everyday is a wonderful day and Tamatave is by far the best city in Madagascar.  Today, we started our p-day by going to Ialy’s dojo and watching him teach his students, it was way cool.  Then, we went to one of our members and called a guy from South Africa to help their companies talk, Elder Wilson was the translater and it was pretty difficult because the guy was Afrikaans.  Then we played soccer in the rain and now I’m dripping wet typing this email.  But, tsy maniana.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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