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#23 Black Magic & Transfers

This week has flown by, but not as quickly as this transfer has.  It seriously feels like Elder Wilson and I have had just a few days together.  However, this week was great the highlights were we got transfer news and Elder Wolfgramm is leaving.  Elder Wolfgramm and I have been together for the past four transfers.  He’s such a stud and anyone that comes into contact with him will really understand why he is the GREATEST.  It’s sad to see him leave his area that he loves, but there are greater places to go (not really because Tamatave is the best).

week-23-1So, in lieu of transfers, we hauled the table up on top of the rooftop and ate a nice roast that was stewed in peach chutnee.  It was delicious.  In the midst of eating on top of the roof, we received a telephone call from the APs for transfer news.  Everyone in our house is remaining, except Elder Wolfgramm, he’s heading to Tana.  Also, this week, Elder Wolfgramm went on a split on Tuesday and we worked his area and he has the ocean in his area, so that was awesome.  Sad to see him go, but he’s such a great missionary.

week-23-4Yesterday, we had a soire de carte at our Elders Quorum President’s house Fr. Arsene.  After the soire was done, the JAS (Young single adults) wanted to play black magic with us.  I’ve never played before and it was absolutely awesome, minus the fact that we got super dirty.  There are some pictures above that might suffice your concern about this game.  The Black Magic game is a special game and the Malagasies love to play it with us missionaries, because as far as I know, it’s kind of a Malagasy game.  Basically what they do, is they bring out plates and fill them with water.  The entire room is dark during the game and it is all lit by candlelight.  There is a leader and every one who’s never played the game plays.  We rub our hands in water and then rub the bottom of the plate.  When you are done following the leader, they turn the lights on and bring a mirror and you are just so dirty!!!  It is especially funny to our JAS because the charcoal looks a lot dirtier on our faces.  The pictures are a result of the game.  As you can tell, I got wrecked.  What they did was they put charcoal on the bottom of all the plates and then they had us do the game and because it was dark, we couldn’t see ourselves or the others getting dirty throughout the game because we had to keep our eyes glued on the leader.   I highly recommend playing this game with a friend or your family.  We have the greatest JAS and our branch is really strong because they are really strong.  This week hasn’t been very intense because Elder Wilson has been a little sick, but he is doing a lot better.

This next week, we will be baptizing my favorite family Ialy and Noro.  They are spiritually incredible and I just love them to death.  ‘Ialy and Noro’s date of baptism changed to Jan. 21st because their wedding is going to be this Friday morning.  It’s going to be very special because Noro’s mother is traveling up for the wedding from Antananarivo.  So, their baptism will be on Saturday in the afternoon.  It is going to be a lot smaller baptismal service because it will only be for their family and our branch only. I will include more about them next week, because you will really want to know about this ‘Miracle Family.

I love you guys, be safe in everything you do, and have a great week!

Elder Stromberg & Elder Wolfgramm

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