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#22 Baptism!

Jacky, Ursula, Princia & Princilla Baptism – 07 Jan 2017

This week was wonderful.  On Sunday of last week, President Foote, his wife, and the assistants to the President came up and were here for the week.  Last Monday morning we played a big basketball game on some court we found and it was absolutely fun, even though I am not very skilled at basketball.  I can lay-up and pass and that sums up my skill.  Elder Wiscombe and Elder Brown (the AP’s) went on splits with everyone in our Zone.  Elder Wilson and I went on 5 splits throughout the week and it felt really weird because we worked 1 day together and it felt like I haven’t worked with him in years.  It was awesome to go on splits, but it’s nice to be back with Elder Wilson teaching again.

Jan 7, 2017 – Tamatave Baptisms

Now, to the best news of the week, Jacky and Ursula and their two girls Princia and Princilla got BAPTIZED on Saturday!!!  They are a wonderful family that is truly phenomenal and a family that I love so much. Combined with Jacky’s burning testimony about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and Ursula’s powerful conversion story about her change of heart, they are truly spiritual power-houses. Every time we teach them, we feel the Holy Ghost and there is so much love in that family. There are many miracles that happen on a mission, and they are one of the largest miracles I’ve seen thus far. They’ve had plenty of trials, even extremely difficult ones, but through the atonement and the power of forgiveness they have become ready to take upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ and follow him forever. They are a really strong family and there is nothing better than taking them from the ground and raising them up and growing their faith in the gospel. It is their goal to get to the temple one day so that they can be sealed together for eternity. Elder Wilson and I attended their wedding on Friday morning and it was absolutely splendid to see two wonderful people be married so that they can get baptized. Now that they are baptized, it opens windows and doors of blessings that they will receive because of their expression of faith.  They are truly wonderful and I’m so happy that after all of their hard work with their marriage, were able to get married and baptized.  I love this branch in Tamatave and the families that they work with, they are absolutely beautiful and so strong in the faith.

Aside from the miracles of the baptisms and wedding, there were plenty.  One, we have this guy that we are teaching, Modeste, he’s a spiritually in-tuned man who is grateful for everything that Heavenly Father has given him and he recognizes it.  In the first time we taught him a lesson, he thanked God for sending us to him so that he can understand the love the He has for him.  We met him three weeks ago and he’s been to church all three weeks, reads from the Book of Mormon daily and does the homework we give him.  Aside from the big miracle of him, his wife was finally able to get off work and close the shop down for a little bit and learn with us.  Modeste and Nirina accepted baptism for March 4th and they are working very hard to become ‘more like Christ.’

Elder Wilson is doing wonderful and he’s such a stud who’s taught me a lot.  He is really skilled at the language too.  This week was a dream come true.  Transfers are this weekend and I hope I don’t get transferred, but we will see.  Love you all, have a great week in beautiful America.week-22-1week-22-10


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