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#19 Christmas, Fanambadianas (weddings), & CHRISTMAS!

Iali & Noro’s Family

So, this week as all of you know it’s CHRISTMAS!  I get to be in 4000 miles away from my family during my favorite holiday of the year.  Just kidding, I’m not excited about that, because the festivities just aren’t the same when you continue working 8 hours a day, there’s no snow, and no decorations.  But, there’s no place that I’d rather be.  I get to skype them Christmas night, so it will at least feel like I was there with them.  I cannot wait.

Anyways, back on track, we’ve got some of my two most favorite families that are probably going to get married on Friday and Saturday of this week.  If so, it will be a Christmas Miracle!  Because their baptism is just three weeks away, this will take a lot of stress off of the preparations.  The families are Jacky (dad), Ursula (mom), Princia (oldest daughter), and Princilla (2nd daughter);  Ialy (dad), Noro (mom), Francky (son), and Iris (daughter).  It is going to be great we should also have another 4 people getting baptized as long as they get their marriages done, but we shall see.

Jacky & Ursula's Family
Jacky & Ursula’s Family

One thing cool about Madagascar is they have these things called Soire de Carte’s.  They are awesome.  What it is, is everyone in the branch comes over to someone’s.  After managing to get 40 or so people in a 12 ft. x 12 ft. tin house, we sing, share a lesson, and end with a game.  It’s like a ward family home evening and it is the greatest.  It really helps the ward members and investigators become friends.  After the game we enjoyed some nice biscuite which is like a sweet bread thing, with some Malagasy drinks.  The drink tastes like really sweet milk.  Anyways, it’s one of the greatest things that we get to do as missionaries.  Our branch in Ambolomadinika is the best.

I don’t think I was clear on something, but we pushed back all of the baptisms that were supposed to happen on Dec. 17 to Jan 7 because of the holidays and people just didn’t get married in time.  Although, it’s going to be an awesome experience on that special Saturday in January.

Night in Madagascar

Other than that, this week I’m going to bear my testimony in Malagasy:  Io dia ny Fijoroana ho vavelombelona hoe:  Fantatro fa marina ny Bokin’i Mormona.  Fantatro fa ny fomba ilay fotsiny ahafahantsika hiverina amin’Adriamanitra dia amin’ny alalan’ny sorompanavotan’i Jesoa Kristy.  Izy dia ny mpamonjy ho antsika.  Mandritra ity vanim-potoana Krismasy ity dia ilaina mahatadidy ny fiainan’i Jesoa Kristy isika.  Tiako ianareo, manana ny Krismasy tsara indrindra.  Mazotoa




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