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#18 Christmas & Elder Wilson

week-18-1Happy Christmas season!  It does not feel even close to Christmas right now.  I miss the cold, the snow, the sweaters, icicles, and Christmas lights.  As you would have guessed, that is the exact opposite of Madagascar.  They celebrate Christmas, but not with all the glamour.  It’s hitting about 98 degrees with 100% humidity and nothing can save you.  The only thing that gets your mind off the heat is work!  It’s great, because we get to work everyday and after 4 o’clock, it starts cooling down.

Besides that transfers happened last week and they were great. It is great to get a change of things, that’s what keeps a mission interesting and fun. It was sad to see Elder Nelson go, but my new companion Elder Wilson is incredible. He’s from South Africa and has a genuine British accent.  In so many ways he has already helped me to grow on a mission.  He’s been on mission for about 5 months and he’s working with a 4 month old newbie.  I can tell you that the language is kicking our butt, but we are doing really well.  In just this last week, I’ve grown so much linguistically, it is indescribable.

On the other hand, our area is going great. Investigators are progressing, we’ve got about 10 people that are going to get baptized on January 7th as long as they get married, which I truly believe they can. We’ve been working really hard with the recent converts and less actives to help strengthen the branch. We got an awesome attendance at church yesterday and there is always such a sweet spirit in the meetings. We’ve also been getting a lot of help from the members and are helping the investigators become better fellow-shipped into the branch.

week-18-2The pictures below are of a pizza we made this last week for dinner.  Hawaiian style, and it was so great.  This week we’ve been feeling a bit of the need to be American, so there’s also a picture of Elder Wolfgramm with a burning guitar that was broken.  It is the Malagasy way to burn broken things and he posed as the statue of liberty.  Also, a picture of Elder Wilson and I just seconds after meeting each other.  I don’t know if you received it last week, but here it is again if I did.

Other than that, enjoy life in America, it is wonderful.  Enjoy your families this Christmas season, they are the most important thing in your life.  Enjoy the snacks and festivities.  I love you all, have a splendid week.week-17-6


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