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#16 Zone Conference, Elder Mdletshe, and THANKSGIVING

week-16-1This week was very awesome.  First off I would like to say that to whom everyone that receives this email I want you to know that I AM THANKFUL FOR  YOU!  You have all affected my life in one way or another and you guys are the best!

week-16-2Anyways, in Madagascar no one really celebrates Thanksgiving except the Americans.  We did it in the best way possible.  We got some chicken, spiced it and baked it, got some mashed potatoes, and made some pudding!  It was delicious and the most American thing I’ve had in Madagascar thus far.  Below is a picture.

tamatave-zone-confThe rest of the week, we had a great Zone Conference in which President Foote, the mission president, came up and gave us some wonderful teaching points along with his sweet wife.  He has some crazy stories that I will share another time.  It was really spiritual and we enjoyed the message brought from President and Sister Foote and the zone leaders.

This past sunday we had District Conference which is equivalent to a Stake Conference in America.  All of the church members in Tamatave had a conjoined meeting on Sunday.  Elder Mdletshe from the quorum of the Seventy attended this meeting and gave great spiritual guidance for the members of the church in Tamatave.  It was really cool to see a General Authority come visit the people of Tamatave and a lot of them got the opportunity to meet him, even some of our investigators!  It was great and there is true power that comes from the servants of the Lord.

His first full shave – too bad it’s blurry

Okay, for all of those at home, there was a major stepping stone that happened in my life.  On Thursday, November 24th, 2016, I shaved my face for the first time in my life.  My trainer Elder Nelson helped me through everything.  BTW, shaving isn’t great, it’s a chore and I’m sad for people like Elder Nelson that have to shave everyday.  But, I can officially say that I’m a man.  A grown 19 year old, shaving for the first time is not something you hear about every day.

Other than becoming a man, we have a bunch of families that are ready for baptism.  We have 13 people that will get baptized on Saturday if 4 of the families can get married before then.  They all have their papers and are ready to get married, they just need to do it.  I’m really excited!  The families we have are Bernard and Mariette, Jacky and Ursula and their two daughters Princia and Princilla, Ialy and Noro and their two kids Iris and Francky, then, Rene and Jocelin, and then Sarindra!  It is so exciting to see all of them be ready to make eternal covenants with their Father in Heaven.  All of the families passed their baptismal interviews and if they get married, they will all get baptized!  I love them all so much and they are wonderful people who are very humble.

I love Madagascar so much and I love continuing the Lord’s work everyday by serving his Children.  Thank you all for everything and I love you all tons, have a stellar week!

From another letter:  This week, we had all of our baptismal interviews and they all passed!  A MIRACLE, but we prepared them well and they all are converted to the gospel.

If everything goes well this week with getting everyone married, we will baptize 13 people!  I personally will get to baptize some that have already chosen who they want to baptize.  So far, out of the 9  that have already been interviewed I am going to baptize 4! and Elder Nelson gets to baptize 4! Because on of the Families, the father is going to baptize the mom.  It’s going to be great.  Our work these past three months will pay off in a pool of baptismal water!

Tamatave Zone Conference

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