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#15 Jean Jacques, Tanala & The Fighters

week-15-3This week was a pretty tough week.  We had a lot of programs set up with people and for some reason, no one was home this week.  We usually get about 40 lessons, but we got 27.  I’m pretty sure it was just a weekly thing, we’ll get a lot more this week.  We’ve got a bunch of people that are trying to get married this week as well as get their baptismal interviews done.  It’s pretty frustrating because that is the only thing holding them back from spiritual salvation!  All of our families that are going to get baptized are super knowledgeable about the gospel and have some of the strongest testimonies I’ve ever heard.  We have three that are definitely going to get baptized on December third, others might have to get moved back to December seventeenth, but we’ll see.  I’ll be praying hard for them.

This week Jean Jacques, the guy who is trying to give up smoking and drinking told us that he was done.  He would still smoke a few times a day and would drink on the weekends but, last monday, he told us that he was done with everything.  He wanted his life to be better for him and for his little boy and his wife.  He is an incredible man.  We checked up on him yesterday and he told us that he hasn’t smoked this entire week nor drank alcohol at all!  He cold-turkeyed the whole part of it!  It really is such a miracle about him.  I love Jean Jacques so much, he is a great guy trying to become a better father.  He’s one of my heroes.

week-15-2Okay, again this week, Tanalas.  Chameleons really are the coolest ever because they are so peculiar.  They come in all sizes and colors AND people are so amazed when you pick them up and they are scared.  It’s still baffles me how scared they are when I find a chameleon.  Whenever I get one, I let it crawl on me and tons of people gather around be they are crazed by the fact the someone is holding one, but they keep their distance.  People literally are watching you in amazement and standing 10 feet away.  I have a picture of the one below that I got this week.

On to one of our investigators families Ialy and Noro.  So, Ialy’s family is trying to get their marriage done really bad, but they are just waiting on their papers.  They have their baptismal interviews this Wednesday and they will definitely pass.  Anyways, Ialy is the dad and he is a fighter in muay thai, along with his eleven year old son, Franky (my bestfriend).  They had a competition the other day and Ialy won against a guy who was 85 kg and he himself is 55 kg.  Ialy really is a way cool guys and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  They have competitions twice a year and he loves it.  Francky is also following in his father’s footsteps and he’s a cute little fighter.  They are seriously one of my favorite families ever.  I really hope they are able to get baptized this week.

This week was great and Madagascar is doing super well.  I hope you all have a great week and I love you tons!

I think this was his Birthday cake
I love his face in this one 🙂

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