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#14 Chameleons, Lychees & Bernard sy Mariette

week-14-4So, this week went by really fast.  It went really quickly because we had a great week!  So first off, there are these animals that are everywhere in Madagascar and they are called Tanala (Chameleons).  Every Malagasy you will ever meet is absolutely terrified of them.  Elder Nelson and I go and hunt for chameleons and chase kids with them, and they are absolutely terrified.  For instance, I was chasing a kid and I trapped him, and he jumped up onto a stone wall climbed about five feet, weaving between barbed wire and jumped on to a roof and ran away.  week-14-5It was just a joke, but they are legitimately terrified of them.  I guess the myth is that if you see a chameleon get killed or die, then someone in your family dies.  I’m still not a hundred percent sure about their belief on it, but all I know is that Malagasies would rather die than touch a chameleon.  It’s really funny because they are completely harmless and they are scared when they see them crawling all of Elder Nelson and I while we are walking around.

week-14-1Second, there is a magical fruit called lychees that are only found in Madagascar and there’s a type in China.  I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what Elder Nelson said.  Anyways, it’s about the best thing you will ever taste.  Lychees are like white grape fruit things that are super good.  I eat about a half kilo a day when I get the chance to buy them and they are just getting into season.  No other fruit can compare to lychees.

week-14-12Third and this is the grand finale:  Bernard and Mariette got MARRIED!!!  They have been trying to get married for about four years and they finally had both of their papers come and didn’t expire before they arrived.  I’m so happy they got married, which means that they are definitely going to get baptized on December third and they are super cool people.  Their kids are members and we are about to complete their family and they will be one entire completed family.  It really was a miracle that they were able to get married after trying so hard for the past four years.  We were also able to get a bunch of our investigators at church, we had thirteen and it was really great to see them interact with the ward because our ward is really cool.week-14-11

So, I heard that Trump won the election and in the Missionary handbook it says that we are not aloud to discuss controversial topics.  So, just have a look at Luke 21:9 and good luck America.

One last thing, Friday was my birthday and it was awesome.  I’m finally 19!!  We had a wonderful day and got some really good pizza for lunch and then celebrated with one of my mom’s recipes for a Bacon and Mushroom cream Farfalle.  It was awesome, I love you mom!  Anyways, this week was great, and Heavenly Father is truly blessing his children on the earth today.  I love you all and I hope you have a great week in whatever your endeavors may be.

Birthday Dinner – my favorite recipe from home
Birthday lunch – PIZZA!
The Primary after their Sacrament Meeting Program

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