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#13 Grill Masters, Vita Soratra & Rudy sy Jocelyn (again)

dscf1253And just like that, it is already November.  The past three months have been a segway into real missionary work.  Quick language check, I am probably about 60% fluent in speaking, 35% understanding, and 50% reading and writing.  Malagasy is really hard, this week I learned some deep Malagasy concepts.  I finally understood this concept that they have about the roots of words.  For example:  mamaky (active verb) means to read and the root is ‘vaky’.  Here’s where it gets wierd, the roots don’t always follow the active verb.  So, there are three different types of verbs in Malagasy, and two form that each type could take.  I will just give you an example of mamaky and all of it’s set ups because it will take an entire book to explain it thoroughly.  Mamaky (active), famakiana (noun), vakia (passive), vakio (passive command), amakiana (circumstantial), mamakio (active command), and amakiakio (circumstantial command).  Anyways, that is just a quick demonstration that I am trying to figure out for every word.  It is very difficult.

Okay so, the high light of this week was hamburgers.  First things first, Malagasies don’t know how to cook any good type of hamburgers.  So, last p-day we went and bought 2.5 kilos of ground beef and made some really delicious burgers.  It tasted like american freedom.  It was so good, and we were able to find some buns from a bakery and it turned out to be a splendid meal.

So, we have 18 investigators on baptismal date for December 3rd and they all look like they are going to catch it as long as they get Vita Soratra (Married).  In Madagascar, no one really gets married at all.  They say that they are married and just move in with each other, start a family and that’s that.  So, we are trying to get all of our investigators married so that they can get baptized.  Getting married consists of sending a claim to get there papers from wherever they are born, which can be a big problem if they were born far away.  They get both the husband’s and the wife’s papers and then they have to wait fifteen days to go to the Bureau to get married.  But, each paper is only valid for about a month and a half.  So, once they receive both of their papers, they have a week to get married or else they expire and can’t get married.  It’s really frustrating, but it is a good test of our investigators faith.  All of our current investigators except two will be probably married within two weeks or so.  This brings me to another story of Rudy and Jocelyn.

dscf1250We have this one family in particular that I mentioned last week, Rudy and Jocelyn. Yesterday, Rudy came to church because his wife was out of town and it was his first time attending. He said that he loved it and even got a copy of the Liahona and had been reading it before we went and taught him. Everytime we teach him the spirit is just burning inside of us. He said that he had a bunch of questions for us after church, but then he read the Liahona and it answered every one of his questions. He wants to get baptized on December 3rd instead of the 17th. So, they are working on getting married. They want us to teach them more than twice a week, so we are going to be teaching them three times a week and working really hard with them to meet their goal for baptism on the third of December as long as they are ready. The Lord really does prepare families in advance to hear the good news of the gospel and it is up to us as missionaries to be guided by the spirit and find them. They are a really special family and are basically golden investigators.  They are such a miracle family and just really great people, I love them to pieces!

So, this week was really great and full of excitement.  Madagascar is the best mission in the world (sorry everyone else).  I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

Questions Answered: Yes, we cook dinner every night, and we all eat to together as a house.  It’s really fun.  Our P-day plans are up in the air today.  We do laundry at our house because we are blessed with laundry machines.

So, for our investigators, we have a great family Jacky the dad, Ursula, the wife, and Princia the 11 year old girl, Princella the 9 year old girl, and Prince the 3 year old toddler.  There names are really funny and they are a rock solid family whom are going to get baptized December 3rd as well. 

Noro the mom, Ialy the husband, Francky the 11 year old boy (my best friend), and Iris the 8 year old daughter (also my best friend).  Ialy is the only one who hasn’t been coming to church, and that is what we are working with him right now to do. 

We have Jean Jaques, whom I talked about is the guy who is trying to stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol, also going to get baptized on December 3rd if he can follow the word of wisdom. 

Rudy and Jocelyn.  Asandro and Karisia, a really young couple Asandro is 19 and Karisia is 17, they are really great and sincere investigators, we are trying to get them to church, also December 3rd. 

Bernard and Mariette, great family, really praying to get Married this week because they are expiring pretty soon, and trying to get both of them to church together. 

Sarindra, her husband is a member and she is going to get baptized, we are just working on getting them married.  Anyways, that is the list of people who really need prayers, thank you so much dad, you are the best! 


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