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#11 Tana, Carnivore & the Death of Elder Makahery

dscf1213This week finished my first transfer on my mission. Time really does fly when you are losing yourself in the work for others. Our area in Ambolomadinika is going very well and things are really cranking out. It’s so great to see the missionary work in actual motion right in front of my eyes. We particularly had an investigator Jean Jacque to whom we taught the word of wisdom and chastity yesterday. I’ve never seen someone so sincere about wanting to change themselves in my life. When we explained the word of wisdom he shared with us about how he has tried to get off cigarettes and alcohol, but he always falls back into the old habits. He really wants to change and we set up a little plan for him to get off cigarettes and he is hopefully going to be off them by mid November. He has really demonstrated to me a lot about faith and sincerity. He’s been praying and reading the materials we have given him and is trying his best. I know he can do it and I can’t wait til the day he is off them for good.

dscf1210So, last Saturday we received a call and had to go on a 8 hour bus right Sunday night to go back to Tana and do Visa work for our residency card.  We were down there for P-day and I got to see a bunch of my good friends from my MTC group and they are all doing super well.  While we were there, the AP’s took everyone who traveled from outside of Tana to this really nice restaurant called Carnivore.  It is a super nice restaurant and very first world.  It’s the same type of restaurant as a Rodizio Grill or a Tucano’s and it was so good.   It was very expensive for Madagascar but around the price of a normal dinner in America.

dscf1222Then to the happy-sad moment of the week.  Elder Makahery (McCrary) died yesterday.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with missionary terminology, when a missionary ‘dies’ that means when a missionary goes home and is done with his mission.  Elder Makahery is a legend and will forever live on.  He is going to BYU when he gets back so all those ladies who are looking for a debonair man, he’ll be available ;).  Really though, he was such a great missionary that was so diligent and set a great example to me.  I love that guy and I’m going to miss him.

This week has been so awesome and I’m so happy to have this transfer be the first in my mission because it was incredible.  I love the missionary work here and everything is going super well.  I love you all, and I hope you have a good week, until next time 🙂

Love,  Elder Jacob Strombergweek-11-5


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