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#10 Ice Cream, Jack Fruit & Companion Exchanges

week-10-2This week has been sublime. Life is great in Tamatave and we are continually helping people come unto Christ and helping them with their needs. I would like to apologize in advance for this email.  It’s getting harder to express myself in English because the Malagasy thought process is overriding.  This week, we went to this awesome Muslim place form some really good ice cream.  It is the best ice cream in Madagascar and better than some in America. Along with that, this week I went on a split with Elder Wolfgramm for a day in his area and a day with Elder Lingani in my area.

week-10-6When I led my area with Elder Lingani I was pretty nervous because Ambolomadinika is like a maze. However, we had a wonderful schedule planned that filled our whole day which made it a lot easier on my shoulders.  I learned so much from Elder Lingani (Our District Leader) and our lessons went really well.  Those whom we have on baptismal dates are doing very well and are excited to continue learning about the blessings of the gospel.

Elder Wolfgramm and I went on a companion exchange known as a ‘split’ as well!  He is one of my good friends in my MTC group and we have come to know each other very well.  Both of us, being 4000 miles away from home are trying to teach people in a language we’ve been attempting to speak for 10 weeks.  We taught about 4 hours worth of lessons and felt like we did a pretty good job.  We told the people that if they had any questions that we couldn’t answer because of the lack of understanding, they could ask them the next time they visit with Elder Wolfgramm’s trainer.

week-10-3So, the big prickly thing that I’m holding in my hand in that picture is called a Jack Fruit.  We were tracting and looking over a fence and saw this lady with a big machete whacking at this fruit!  We asked if we could enter her yard and she was so awesome (just like every malagasy).  She cut us off a pod and it tasted like a slightly bland pineapple with the best type of after-taste ever.  I never thought that an after taste could be good.

The culture is awesome and I guess that Tamatave is like the ‘Party City’ so, everything shuts down around 7 o’clock and then everyone parties and get’s drunk at bars until 9 and then they all go to bed.  So, we have to build a bunch a times to teach people in the evening or else we go home super early.  We’ve built an awesome night program and have been working with people to keep the word of wisdom.  I love it here in Tamatave and I don’t want to leave. I am growing such a great love for the people here and they are just incredible.

Love you all!

Back & Forth:

7:45am — Last night, all the trainees headed on a 8 hour bus ride to Tana to do visa paper work for a few days.  Our bus ticket was 20.000 Ar ($6.50).  Very cheap!  It’s been super cool to see all the other elders from our MTC group and everything is going well!  Let me know if you are awake!

7:55am — Yeah, we got in this morning at 2 am and stayed at the AP’s house last night.  We went and played soccer today and got ice cream with all the elders in Tana.  Life is awesome!  How is the family?

9:05am — :  We have a branch of 75 consistent members;  We are doing a lot more teaching now, but because of whitewashing we still are tracting a few times;  My favorite food is probably the Viande Sauce which is like a beef loke ( loke = rice topping) with a bunch of rice it’s about 3.500 Ar for the whole meal and it is really filling ($1); The craziest thing that has happened to me has been the language, because the dialect here is very different than in Tana, I can speak to people and they can understand me, but when they ask questions I don’t know what they are saying.  I love it here Dad, I can’t wait for you guys to come visit


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