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#9 General Conference, Teaching & Malagasy Kids

dscn4460-002This week was another fantastic week serving the Lord his vineyard.  Also, it was GENERAL CONFERENCE!!  I’ve never been more excited for a general conference session in my entire life.  We got to watch the whole thing in english and I loved every minute of those 10 hours of spiritual knowledge.

My favorite talk was from Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.  Elder Cook’s was about repentance and stumbling blocks in our lives.  Through the repentance process, any sin can be blotted out and forsaken.  When we look towards the mark (Jesus Christ), stumbling blocks of sin can be made into stepping stones.  I love the Savior’s infinite atoning sacrifice he made for all of us.  I know that through him, we can become perfect in the eye of the Lord and that his grace will be sufficient for us.  Elder Holland is always spitting spiritual fire whenever he talks.  It’s awesome because that is something that the church has and effective at teaching people.  He talked about home teaching and how it essential and key to our gospel and maintaining members.  Home teaching is a calling to tend the flock of God and it is a sacred calling to teach members.  As we teach the gospel to others, we learn it better for ourselves.  There were many other great talks given this conference and if you weren’t able to see them, watch them.  If you watched them, rewatch them and reread them in the ensign.  They are powerful tools and guides for these latter-days.

Besides conference, we taught a bunch of great investigators this week.  We have 14 people on baptism dates and they are all progressing very well!  I’m able to teach a lot of the lessons by heart, which is more important to me than lines.  I feel confident to say that I’m about 85% fluent in teaching lessons, 20% fluent at understanding Malagasies, and 35% fluent at talking to people on the street.  The language is tough, but I’m gradually progressing.  I can really feel the gift of tongues working with me.  Thank you all for your prayers because they are helping me so much!

This is a snip from a video

So, the Malagasy kids are always cautious about approaching us because we are White people.  But when we smile, they are so happy and friendly.  They also love getting chased and it’s so fun to scare them.  The video below is me doing such things.  I love the Malagasies and they are so great.  Madagascar rocks and I hope everyone has a great week.  I’m sorry this is all the time I have, I’ll do better next week!

From another email: To answer your questions, we have 14 on baptism date (11 for Nov.12, Jacky, Ursula and their daughters Princine and Princella, Noro, Hiary, and their son Franky and their daughter Elise, Bernard and Mariette, and Sarindra who’s husband is already a member; and 3 for Dec. 4, Arsen and Robin, and Jean Jacque who’s wife is a member), and they are going very well and are expected to catch their baptismal dates.

If you want to Google Earth him, type in this address   -18.148135, 49.391581 and you can see his house. Yes, they live in the large red house that fits all 6 Elders nicely.  He says it is really spacious. 


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