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#2 Tiako Abel

week-2-3So, this past week was full of plenty ups and downs.  First off, our first first investigator Abel (Brother Christiansen) got a new job and left working at the MTC.  He left on Saturday and it was so sad to hear him go, because he was just a super chill guy.  On the last day that he was here, he told us everything about Madagascar and when he was serving there.  Apparently, you can pay people like $10 (30,000 ariary) to make you crocodile leather boots from real crocodiles.  Sad, but awesome!  I guess there are a lot of crocodiles there and the government pays people to kill them.  Anyways, I’m definitely going to come back rocking some crocodile boots.

week-2-1On Sunday, about half of our zone will be leaving on their missions to Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa.  So, last Sunday they sang the hymn,  ‘I need thee every hour’.  The first verse was in Fijian, second Tongan, third Samoan, and fourth English (altogether).  Even though I couldn’t understand the first three verses, it was so beautiful and the spirit was so intense.  I’ve met so many of those elders and sisters and they are some of the best people I know, a big shoutout to Elder Weston!  He leaves this next Monday and I’m so excited for him!

Anyways, most days are the same as the other, wake up at 6:30, eat breakfast at 7:45, class from 8-11, Lunch, exercise, class from 2-5, dinner, class from 6-9. Repeat.  However, it’s pretty nice to know what you are going to be doing every day that way, you are never wasting time!  The language of Malagasy is coming along really well and we taught our new investigator Solo (Sister Winney).  Elder Allen and I taught her a 20 minute lesson without any notes!  It was so nerve racking, even though we got our message across in the simplest manner.  Sometimes simple is best 🙂

week-2-2I can’t wait to be out of the MTC and in Madagascar, serving the people there.  Even though the total travel time will be about 56 hours it’ll be worth it.  There’s about 3 weeks left and it’s so awesome!  I love life here, but I’m ready to be island living 🙂

For some reason, the pictures aren’t being able to be uploaded because they have these computers locked down!  I’ll try and send some later tonight!

Tiako Ianareo (I love you all),

From private e-mail:  Most of the other Elders in my district are from Utah (Excluding two).  My companion Elder Allen is from Sandy and he lives like ten minutes away from Tonette’s house! He went to Alta.  Anyways, the two who aren’t from Utah, are Elder Beeson: Missouri, and Elder McCormick: Fukuoka, Japan!  They are both super cool people, I love them!  Yes, we do sing in the MTC choir.  I got our whole district to do it since day one and it’s the BEST!


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