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#1 Life at the MTC

Hello friends and noble ones,

This week has been very humbling for me.  Everything is going very well here at the MTC especially because I get to see my best friends everyday.  Huge shout-out to Elder Rhoton, Elder Coleman, Elder Gardner, Elder Knight, Elder Parke, Elder Obray, Elder Anderson, and Elder Garrett (Paraguay).  DSCF0804The first three days were rough, but its pretty smooth now and the days are flying by. The language is difficult and they jumped right in.  It’s coming along, but it’s still tough to understand their conjugation.  We’ve already taught our investigator Abel (our teacher) five times!  Literally on the second day we had to teach him a 20 minute lesson after not even knowing the language at all!  It’s a fun language to speak, because the words are  so long, that you can say one word and it sounds like a sentence.  For example: Doctrine and Covenants is: Fotopampianarana sy Fanekempihavanana.  Basically say a work, then add banana at the end of it!

DSCF0816Sunday was awesome because it was full of spiritual experiences.  I got to bear my testimony in Malagasy (written down of course).  In all honesty, it wasn’t hard to bear your testimony, because you could say anything and no would know what you are talking about because they speak a different language.  Hahahaha.  In our branch we have the Tongans, Samoans, ASL, Fijians, Marshallese, and Malagasy.  So basically, I couldn’t understand any of the fast and testimony meeting, however, the spirit was so strong and bearing witness that what they were saying is true.  That evening we had a Sunday Devotional and Brother Holland (Elder Holland’s son) spoke to us about Joseph Smith and how we need to have a testimony of him more than anything else.  If Joseph Smith is a prophet, then everything else about our church is true.  We also saw the video “The Character of Christ,” which is a talk from Elder Bednar given in the MTC.  It was very spiritual and made me want to become a better person.  If you ever find out how to access it, it is a MUST WATCH.

Neil L. Anderson from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to the whole MTC on Tuesday!  It was so cool to have a general authority addressing us in such a personal way!  He truly is a man chosen of God to direct his church.

Anyways, we’ve been playing tons of beach volleyball and hackysack during our free time and it’s the funnest thing ever!  My companion Elder Allen is the coolest and has the best style I know (and the best hats).  He’s also really good at volleyball – I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.  Here are some pictures attached, that we’ve taken throughout the whole week.  If you guys want to write to me, I’d love IT! You can either email, mail or use this cool website called, and it’ll get to me!  You guys are the best!

Love you all!


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